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Ryan Walters Running for State Superintendent to Empower Every Child


Allowing voters to cast their ballot, to decide which Republican and Democratic candidates will advance to face off for the position of State Superintendent of Public Instruction…

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Secretary Walters Puts Kids First with Academic Focus


Oklahoma Secretary of Education Ryan Walters is defending a Tulsa Public Schools board member who has come under fire after suggesting the district should focus more on academics than social agendas…

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Americans for Prosperity Oklahoma Endorses Ryan Walters for Superintendent of Public Instruction


According to a press release sent to The Oklahoma City Sentinel and other news organizations, “Walters received the endorsement for accelerating existing school choice reforms, such as open enrollment and….

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Ted Cruz endorses Ryan Walters


Texas Senator Ted Cruz has announced his endorsement for Oklahoma State Superintendent candidate Ryan Walters…

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Oklahoma Education Secretary Asks Stillwater Public Schools To ‘Stop’ Bathroom Policy


Oklahoma’s Secretary of Education asked the state Attorney General to “stop” what he called a “dangerous” bathroom policy at Stillwater Public Schools. Ryan Walters, who is currently …

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Opinion: Listen up, teachers: stop going woke


The far-left’s attempts to destroy our nation’s history and indoctrinate our children must be stopped. I recently posted a short video praising Oklahoma, where I teach U.S. history and …

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